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Solvents and Sealers

Quick Seal

  • Solvent based
  • High gloss, wet look
  • Recommended over Quickwall Quickrete

Quickwall QUICKSEAL is a solvent borne clear sealer.

Generally used for clear glazing exterior surfaces such as floors, bricks, pavers, pre-coloured concrete concourses, walls, exposed aggregate finishes and spray on tiles to provide a protective coating and moisture barrier against the elements.

Clear Seal

  • Water based
  • Low sheen, matt finish
  • Recommended over Quickwall Sante Fe render

This unique single pack is specially formulated and a breakthrough in liquid clear sealers. CLEAR SEAL is non-yellowing, easy to use, low odour, non-volatile, and environmentally friendly. It is water reducible, is hard wearing, imparts high water resistance, high impact ability, algae and fungi resistance.

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Quick Seal:

10L, 20L pails

Clear Seal:

10L, 20L pails

Hi Tech Sealer:

20L pails only