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Question:  Has the QuickClad System any racking resistance and structural integrity to contribute to wind loads?

A:  QuickClad is a cladding and therefore any racking or structural properties are not taken into account by Australian Standards. All structural properties must be in the frame in accordance to the Building Codes of Australia.

Question:  What are the Insulation Values of Quickclad?

A:  R values in accordance with polystyrene manufacturers are as follows:

Thickness R Value
60mm 1.666
70mm 2.0

For more technical data on QuickClad, download QuickClad Technical Data Sheet here.

Question:  Is sisalation required when building with the Quickclad System?

A:  Sisalation - generally not used with the QuickClad System. The sheets are first glued to wall structure for extra stability then screwed. Sisalation does effect the gluing process. However sisalation can be used if you wish to boost insulation properties.

Question:  What is the ‘Fire Rating’ on QuickClad?

A:  The Quickwall Polystyrene Sheets are fire retardant only, however it is not a fuel source and is coated with a non-combustible mineral coating.

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