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Question:  I have a house rendered with a Mineral Render/Acrylic Textured finish but it is showing rust stains or spots. How can I fix it?

A:  When rust stains appear on plastered or textured exterior walls it could be one of two reasons:

  • The sand mined by the sand mining companies may contain natural particle deposits of iron sulphide, iron oxide, or coffee rock. Where sand is dried and supplied by sand mining companies, rust could result from antiquated, or poorly maintained machinery used to dry and grade sand. These particles may be imbedded in the sand or on the surface.
  • Rust stains will occur if the walls are not adequately sealed against the elements. This is the result when the specifier does not follow Quickwall's recommended specifications or LOW GRADE paint is used to seal the selected finish. A list of all Specification Sheets can be found here.

What to do if you have rust stains:

  • Step 1: Remove the particle.
  • Step 2: Seal stained area with Water Repellent Emulsion.
  • Step 3: Paint the exterior with a premium grade membrane paint such as Quickwall Aquaseal Membrane paint – refer to Aquaseal Specification Sheet for equivalent. Where cheap paints are used with low solids/film build coverage, rust staining will inevitably occur.

Question:  How long can you leave Quickwall rendered walls unpainted?

A:  Cement is porous and will absorb moisture if left unsealed. Quickwall cement can be painted when dry, usually in 48 hours. We recommend painting as soon as possible to reduce the chance of wet weather affecting the coating.

Quickwall specifications require the rendered surface to have a 3rd and 4th coat with Quickwall Aquaseal Membrane paint – refer to Aquaseal Specification Sheet.

Question:  Is it necessary to remove all paint from existing masonry surfaces prior to application?

A:  Removal of paint is not necessary if the paint is sound, however we recommend the walls be hosed down with a high pressure 3000 PSI minimum water blaster to test the integrity.

Question:  Can you add any brand of colour tints to Aquaseal?

A:  No, Quickwalls formulations may not be suited to tints used by other manufacturers.

Question:  Before applying Aquaseal paint over cement render do I need to prime it first?

A:  No, Aquaseal paint can be applied directly to the new cement finish. The paint usage will vary as the 1st coat will soak up more Aquaseal than the 2nd coat. To work out quantities we allow 50m2 x 2 coats for every 20ltr pail of Aquaseal.

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