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Cement Render - FAQs

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Question:  What system can be used to cover an existing brick façade with deep brick joints?

A:  We recommend Quickwall High Build Skimcoat followed by any selected render finish, then paint surface with Quickwall Aquaseal membrane paint.

Question:  Can you recommend a good Hopper Gun to spray on cement render?

A:  We recommend a Spears & Jackson gravity fed hopper gun. See Quickwall Application Tools page. For current pricing contact our sales department at service@quickwall.com.au.

Question:  Our house has split faced blocks, does Quickwall have a product suitable, bearing in mind that some blocks may protrude anywhere up to 40mm?

A:  Yes, Quickwall manufacture a High Build Skimcoat designed for rough surfaces. When rendering splitface blocks we use a bolster to remove the large protrusions, then apply the High Build Skimcoat. 2 or 3 coats will be required, then apply the required texture finish followed by 2 coats of paint.

Question:  How can I remove Quickwall Cement inadvertently spilt on some paving stones used to cap a retaining wall?

A:  Quickwall Cement is designed not to delaminate from a surface if not removed immediately, however a 3000 PSI water blaster may help.

Question:  At what temperature range can the Quickwall Coating System be applied?

A:  Quickwall render coating system can be applied between a cool 10° – 45° C in tropical areas. The product was initially designed for the tropics, and had also been applied in up to 50°C heat.

Question:  Is Quickwall Cement Render suitable for use in Coastal areas?

A:  Quickwall Cement Render was initially designed for use in the most aggressive environment - the salt water swimming pool. It is still heavily used in the coastal areas of North Queensland.

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