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15 year warranty

Cement rendering is a popular decorative and protective finish that is widely used across the construction industry. Whether it’s a modern home or an older building in need of a facelift, cement render is the ideal way to improve aesthetic appeal.

Developed in the wet tropics, Quickwall’s range of cement renders are made to withstand Australia’s harshest climates. Whether you’re on the coast, live in high humidity or simply want a render that will go the distance, our products won’t let you down!

All our cement render products come with a 15 year warranty. Initially designed for use in salt water swimming pools, they are made to withstand the toughest conditions. Our renders have been tried and tested for over 25 years, so we’re confident yours will remain in excellent condition long after its application.

Quick Finishes

QUICK FINISHES are offered in both mineral and acrylic selections, and both come with guarantees. Our selected range of mineral coatings are now supported by an extended warranty from 10 to 15 years* through our loyal approved applicator network.

Quickwall designed finishes:

  • Will not delaminate, peel or blister like other acrylic coatings.
  • Are guaranteed not to go drummy like sand/cement render often does.
  • Provide superior bond to the substrate that is not affected by moisture or humidity.
  • Provide no nutriments for termites.
  • Exterior two-pack can be applied to dry or wet substrates. No loss of time waiting for walls to dry.
  • Dry quickly and can generally be painted 48 hours after application.
  • Are able to be applied in a wide range of temperatures, from 10°C through to 45°C.

A select list of some of our more popular finishes are described below.

TRADITIONAL RENDER Our polymer modified dual purpose traditional cement render is perfect for obtaining a traditional sponged finish render, or for preparing most substrates as a base coat.
Traditional render can be used as a thin filament coating (e.g. Skimcoat base coats), or as a higher build screed finish of up to 12mm with excellent holding properties. Traditional render is a versatile finish suitable for multiple applications, such as bagging over core filled besser blocks.
QUICKSAND A timeless flat render finish similar to a sponge-floated sand and cement plaster, Quicksand will not go drummy or delaminate like sand and cement render often does. Quicksand is a tough two-pack polymer modified mineral based material that bonds to practically any substrate.
QUICK TROWEL This seamless vertical scratch-coat decorative and protective wall finish is available in grades of 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. The final finish is by plastic trowel, as this delivers a smooth, flat, joint-free finish. Attractive and long-lasting, Quick Trowel is a popular up-market finish.
We offer the choice of a tough, durable, permanent two-pack mineral polymer system or an acrylic system.
SANDSTONE Sandstone is a seamless and modern – yet ageless – decorative and protective wall coating system. This product can be plastic trowel finished to provide a smooth textured finish in 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm grades. This cement render mimics the face of a freshly cut block of sandstone.
The choice of a tough, durable permanent two-pack mineral polymer system or an acrylic system is available.

You can find a complete list of Quick Finishes and other coating systems on our Specifications page. If you are looking for exterior paints that reflect the heat, you can find out more via our Heat Reflective Paints page.

Attractive Coatings that Last

When it comes to cement render, Quickwall is your company of choice. We’re the experts when it comes to decorative, durable render mixes that cope with Australia’s harsh climate. Formulated to withstand the wet tropics, our renders are made to last no matter where you are located.

Whether you’re bagging over masonry blocks, wish to cover an existing brick façade, or want to render split faced blocks, we have a product to suit. Builders, designers, architects and DIY renovators use our coatings time and time again – after all, why let all your hard work go to waste by using an inferior product?

If you have any questions or queries regarding our Quick Finishes, please contact our team today on 1800 775 573.

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Traditional Render:

20kg bags


20kg bags

Quick Trowel:

20kg bags


20kg bags


20kg bags

Plaster Plus:

20kg bags

Fibre Reinforced Cement:

20kg bags

Quick Spray:

20kg bags

Q.W. Polymer:

4L, 10L, 20L pails
& 200L drums

Interior Cement Rendering