Quickwall Render Australia

Quickwall Render Australia are specialists in the manufacture of architectural applied texture rendered finishes, protective and decorative coatings, special sealants and waterproofing membranes.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated family business with our head office in Cairns.

acrylic and cement render

Choose from our acrylic or mineral cement renders and range of textures for walls, columns and beams.

premium exterior paint
exterior paint

Our premium exterior paints are perfect as the finishing top coat for your outdoor jobs. Durable and flexible to withstand harsh climates.

quickcrete - concrete resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing system for new or old concrete. Wonderful rich pigments and stencil designs for a modern finish.

waterproofing products

We also stock waterproofing products and sealants for the construction industry and DIY market.

cool roof membrane paint
cool roof membrane paint

A heat reflective restorative membrane paint ideal for keeping you cool and comfortable in your home.

quickclad exterior cladding
quickclad exterior cladding

Exterior wall cladding for new and existing buildings that provides insulation as well as a base for Quickwall finishes.


Quickwall Australia: Decorative & Protective Coatings that Last

The Australian tropics are a beautiful part of the world, evoking images of lush rainforests, endless beaches and resort-style living. However, the balmy climate that envelopes northern Australia during the summer months can prove to be harsh – especially for the buildings that must weather it year in, year out.

Originating in Far North Queensland, Quickwall knows a thing or two about living in a tropical climate. A 100% Australian owned and operated company, we provide high quality polymer modified mineral coating systems to businesses and individuals who are planning to build or renovate.

From acrylic and cement render through to roof paint, our quality products are internationally recognised – and for good reason. All Quickwall products have proven themselves over the last 25 years, delivering long term performance and durability – even in the toughest conditions. This means that our products are heat, dirt, mould and fungi resistant – and your building will therefore look newer for longer. If you’re an architect, designer or DIY renovator tasked with building in the wet tropics or anywhere else around Australia, our exterior coatings will give you piece of mind that your work will last for many years to come.

Our Products

At Quickwall, our product range is extensive. If you are building from scratch or looking to breathe new life into old bricks, our cement and acrylic rendering is the ideal solution. Perfect for walls, columns and beams, it’s possible to achieve a variety of colours and textures – whilst ensuring a long lasting finish, even in the harshest conditions.

If you need to create new walls as part of the job, our insulating polystyrene cladding is an easy yet durable alternative to conventional materials, – and also provides the ideal base for our renders. Whether you are building a feature wall in a courtyard, renovating, or building a new house, Quick Clad is the ideal solution.

In addition, we offer heat reflective paint that helps to keep buildings cool as the mercury rises. Heat reflective membrane paint is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of a building and keep you cooler – and our Cool Roof membrane paint is the best on the market. Alongside roof paints, we also offer a great range of exterior paints that are incredibly durable and weather resistant.

The Quickwall product range also caters to a variety of waterproofing needs. Our high quality waterproofing membranes and mats are an ideal way to seal retaining walls below ground level, masonry surfaces prior to painting, and virtually any other areas that are prone to dampness.

From renders to paint, our product range has Australia covered.

Quality & Service

At Quickwall, we stand for quality. Over the years, we’ve maintained our reputation for delivering high quality, long lasting finishes; we’ll never lower our standards. There will always be new brands on the market offering cheaper products, however you get what you pay for – our clients return to us time and time again because they trust our products to go the distance.

We also place a high level of importance on customer care. We rely on – and greatly value – our long term customers, and therefore we strive to ensure that are products are delivered with the care and advice you need to get the job done. We know our products inside out and are always happy to share advice and provide assistance wherever possible.

Contact Quickwall Today

Whether you’re looking for cement or acrylic render, heat reflective roof paint, waterproofing membrane, exterior paint or polystyrene cladding, Quickwall is your company of choice. Catering to the construction industry and DIY renovators alike, we’re here to ensure your hard work lasts. To find out more about our range of decorative and protective coatings, be sure to contact us today on 1800 775 573.